Brands change anywhere

My impression for duty-free cosmetics is always fixed. Same brands, big names, similar arrangement, limited choices. They are changing of course; but it’s always like 5 years behind Sephora (anyway, we do not expect them to be the same). However, Last year-end the cosmetics duty-free shop at Changi Airport terminal 2 totally surprised me. At least, they are trying to catch up.


On one hand, we have new brands and more choices, not only we have renowned brands like Fresh and Nars, but also staring product like grape water from Caudalie and sunscreen from Lancaster. High-end to low end.

On the other hand, smaller shelf size for big names; those traditionally famous brands like Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, SK-II, Clinique, L’occitane had huge cut for shelf size, and hence, less choices.

Thanks to Wed 2.0, it’s much easier for seller to reach to their target market as well as for buyer to get the information; as a consumer, we simply want to try different brands and can have more brands coming to the show.

A long product tail can always be questioned. At places where renting fees are very expensive and majority of the people just rush to wipe their credit cards, we just need sufficient stock of staring products, like ANR from Estee Lauder, rather than the whole product lines.


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