No one can be experts for everything

I was always a little bit cynical about annual performance review in corporate circumstances. It’s not that I did not trust people’s insight. My reasoning is that 1) no one wants to be evil by hurting you face-to-face, especially when we talk about achievements of the whole year, 365 days; and 2) few people, even your line managers, have the confidence to announce that you are not good at something and you screw up something. Come on, we are just working together.

However, in my performance review with my boss last week; my boss said something that really resonated truthfully with my heart. That is to say, I totally agree with his view and I do think I am a little bit hold back by it. It’s not a big topic; he just spoke right to my heart and gave me a hint for my growth.

“You are taking too much; you cannot be experts for everything. If you focus on being experts for everything, you achieve nothing. Try to use others. “

I turn to fully understand every part of business, every single process, every tiny function of system, and even how the coding is structured. Before my discussion with him, I just felt there was something wrong; but I did not know what exactly is wrong and how to get out of it.

It’s true that I am very good at learning new things; but it does not mean I take them as my job focus.

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