Ideal Career For Me ?

I am always wondering what the ideal career is for me, what is the ultimate calling for my life, and how should I make full use my talent; especially, during the time changes are going on and I do not even know where I would go.

At least, I enjoy below three areas and I am not bad at them, if not good at (Since I am Chinese it’s not easy for me to annouce I am good at it confidently).


I enjoy analyzing scientifically with assumption, theory, data and experiments (or test in my field). Asking why, thinking deeper, running in mind any model/program/algorithm seems natural for me.

Design is like creating something originally from me. It makes me feel valuable.

I like sharing. Maybe it’s due to the fact that social recognition is very important to my self-esteem.

So what is the ideal career for me? Consultant? Product Manager? Software Designer?

2 thoughts on “Ideal Career For Me ?

  1. I think for most people, two paths make the most sense:

    1. Work a normal corporate job and then start a business on the side that suits your interests
    2. Match your interests with careers that tie in with those interests and look for a job

  2. Thank you Alex. I think I would go for the 2nd one. I think I know the thing I enjoy, but they are very general things not limited to one job. Recently I am forced to enter into the job-path-decision stage.

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